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(Book 2hrs Get An Extra Hour FREE towards a styling session) 

Online shopping can be overwhelming, not knowing where to start.......  

I will visit a range of specially selected stores online pending budget & suited for your location preference, recommendations based on your discussion and profile and to make the selection process easier and not so overwhelming for you. 

Pre selected clothes will be selected to make your experience effortless & fun, a support and guidance experience to help build your wardrobe & confidence and maximise its full potential with a few additional key items to give you more outfits to wear in many combinations.  

“The perfect capsule wardrobe of essentials, with good basics you will have endless options to work with” 

Build a Timeless wardrobe that will last season after season.  

How it Works

Bespoke shopping for you

Set a budget to shop to, I will advise you on how many hours this will take to complete the shop, I will research in store items & online options as discussed to your brief and I will create style sheets of looks to suggest ways to wear & price options pending the budget, we will discuss your likes and dislikes and I will proceed to order for you, hassle free shopping, come to the studio for a try on & styling session of how to wear and keep what you love, or in the comfort of your own home. I take care of all the returns. All deliveries will be paid by you if they are not free.  

Hassle free shopping I take care of the all ordering and returns. So you don’t have to. Turn up, try on, keep what you love. 


  • Online shopping £65 per hour – min 2 hours, depending on budget (the most popular package) a quicker and more focussed way of shopping and saves transportation costs and time, this will include all purchases and returns and saves the hassle of you shopping and returning unwanted purchases 
  • In store shopping £75 per hour – min 3 hours plus travel expenses, petrol and parking and transportation time.This contains all purchases and returns to save the hassle of you shopping and returning unwanted purchases  
  • Styling session at home £65 per hour – min 1.5hours in the comfort of your own home with the new purchases, we will bring everything to you to try on and experiment with new styling ideas, giving you new looks to experiment with and add to your existing wardrobe 
  • Styling session at the Beaubaileyrose Studio £50 per hour – min 1.5hours, Experience the studio with the new purchases, to try on and experiment with new styling ideas, giving you new looks to experiment with and add to your existing wardrobe 
  • Leave feeling brand new with a focussed new collection to add to your wardrobe or for a specific event. 
  • Hassle free shopping, let me take the hassle away.  
  • Alternatively if you require a gift I can also shop for you, for him, for a friend, giving you suggestions of ideas to find the perfect gift or source some ideas for you. 

For example:

An Average spend on clothes for a refresh is £500 plus services 

A full offer between £750-£1,500 plus services

We can accommodate any budget, please contact us to discuss your requirements 

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