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Style My Wardrobe - Outfitting

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Style my Wardrobe - Outfitting looks. 

Wardrobe outfitting is a Brand NEW package for those wishing to have their wardrobe formulated into outfitting for different occasions, for a more focused edit of how to style your clothing. Or maybe you need a few ideas of how to wear what you have already. 

Formatting your wardrobe creating looks from what you currently have and new ways to introduce items for a “shop for you” if you are missing items that give you a versatile wardrobe. 

Whether it be for Work, Casual/Weekend, a special outfit for an occasion or simply day to day outfitting, you will have a reference tool of outfit style boards to work to, giving you ideas of how to wear your items in many options. Incorporating new styles and using existing too.  

For New Clients I work with you to catalogue your existing wardrobe or a selection of what you would like to focus on and create outfit boards of outfits showing you how to make your wardrobe really work for you and built to last. Your look book provides personalised outfit suggestions to show how each item can be worn in different combinations and for different options for what you currently own.  

How it Works Style my wardrobe requires a photo of each item that you own, or a focussed selection of items. Maybe you have an event coming up and not sure what to wear, or have a business meeting that you wish to know what to wear, each occasion can be accommodated to your brief.  

Creating fresh looks leaving you with a photo reference Look book to refer to whenever you need a new way to consider. Time saving & money saving in the long run. This will stop you from shopping consistently as you will have different ways to utilise your existing items. 

Please contact me to discuss your brief  


Tel: 07766302049  

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