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Style My Wardrobe - Seasonal Refresh

Maintenance Refresh 3hrs
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Product Details
Style My Wardrobe is a Brand NEW package addition for clients that have had their wardrobe formulated into outfitting already.  

Additional Outfitting Maintenance - Filling the Gaps, +3 Hours-  £150  Whenever you feel that you need to shop to add things in, A season Refresh or a New Season update, Beaubaileyrose will suggest ways to fill the gaps/ suggest new items and Update the look book/ catalogue so everything is kept up to date season after season of how to introduce new items and how to wear them. Saving you time on shopping for you at a reduced maintenance fee. 

If you are interested in formulating your wardrobe:

The “Style My Wardrobe” package is about cataloguing and setting up the look book with options for what you currently have. 

Whether it be for Work, Casual/Weekend, a special outfit for an occasion or simply day to day outfitting, you will have a reference tool to work to, giving you ideas of how to wear your items in many options. 

A full photograph catalogue of every item in your wardrobe with a printed format of endless ideas of how to style each piece.  

The “Style My Wardrobe” set up - £200 from x4 Hours 

For Existing Clients that I HOLD a catalogue record of each item, this is a time saving package to add new ways of how to wear what you currently have, Reviewing what you currently have to see what could be put to use in a new outfit, keeping your wardrobe fresh and updated, with outfit ideas of how to wear. Saving you time and stress. 

For New Clients I work with you to catalogue your existing wardrobe and build a LOOK BOOK of outfits showing you how to make your wardrobe really work for you and built to last. Your look book provides personalised outfit suggestions to show how each item can be worn in different combinations and for different options for what you currently own. 

How it Works Style my wardrobe requires a photo of each item that you own, a management maintenance system formulating ways to wear, the process will take between 4-5 hours to upload and formulate, depending on the size of your wardrobe items. Categorising each item and creating looks, leaving you with a photo reference Look book to refer to whenever you need a new way to consider. Time saving & money saving in the long run. This will stop you from shopping consistently as you will have different ways to utilise your existing items. 

Going forward & In Addition 

Throughout the journey you will require some change, or a new idea or maybe you have a special occasion coming and need a one off outfit suggestion, signing up to the “Style My Wardrobe” package will enable me to identify what is missing and inform you of new season trends and items to consider to build on top of your wardrobe, making it a timeless wardrobe for everyday use. With x3 free outfit ideas for a special event/occasion. 

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